AIOU BEd solved Assignments | AIOU Assignments spring 2021 | Aiou Bed Assignments Form - AIOU BED Solved Assignments 2022

 AIOU solved Assignments for B.Ed. 

AIOU BEd solved assignments
AIOU BEd solved assignments

We have prepared and provided you with the best over solved assignments for the degree course BEd of Allama Iqbal Open University for fall spring session 2021. These assignments have prepared by the best and highly qualified lecturers and professors of Allama Iqbal Open University.
Students seeking admission in BEd from Allama Iqbal Open University may download and use these solved assignments for the present use and acquire highest marks in BEd assignments. AIOU BED Solved Assignments 2022.

Course Code #Course Title0102
1655Teaching of EnglishPDFPDF
1659Teaching of UrduPDFPDF
5401Principle of AccountingPDFPDF
5402Fundamentals of BusinessPDFPDF
5403Basics of ICT (URDU)PDFPDF
5404Compulsory English – IPDFPDF
5405Business MathematicsPDFPDF
5406Micro EconomicsPDFPDF
5410Cost AccountingPDFPDF
5411Compulsory English – IIPDFPDF
5413Mercantile LawPDFPDF
5419Advanced AccountingPDFPDF
5438Pakistan Studies (ODL)PDFPDF
5445Business TaxationPDFPDF
6400General Methods of TeachingPDFPDF
6401General Math and StatisticsPDFPDF
6402Educational Psychology & GuidancePDFPDF
6403Classroom ManagementPDFPDF
6404General SciencePDFPDF
6405Education in PakistanPDFPDF
6406Curriculum DevelopmentPDFPDF
6407Classroom AssessmentPDFPDF
6408Teaching of Islamic Studies & Pak StudiesPDFPDF
6409Teaching of MathPDFPDF
6410Arts Craft & CalligraphyPDFPDF
6411Foundations of EducationPDFPDF
6412School Society & TeacherPDFPDF
6413Introduction to Inclusive EducationPDFPDF
6414Teaching of General SciencePDFPDF
6416School Administration and SupervisionPDFPDF
6437Teaching Strategies in SciencePDFPDF
6442Physics – IIPDFPDF
6456Chemistry – IPDFPDF
6457Chemistry – IIPDFPDF
6458Chemistry – IIIPDFPDF
6461Educational Research and StatisticsPDFPDF
6462Test Development and EvaluationPDFPDF
6465English IIPDFPDF
6466Comparative EducationPDFPDF
6468English IPDFPDF
6469English-II(Content Major)PDFPDF
6470English III (Content Major)PDFPDF
6475Islamic Studies-III (Content Major)PDFPDF
6476Islamic Studies-IV (Content Major)PDFPDF
6477Islamic Studies-V (Content Major)PDFPDF
6479Urdu-II(Content Major)PDFPDF
6480Urdu-III (Content Major)PDFPDF
6481Urdu-IV (Content Major)PDFPDF
6482Urdu-V (Content Major)PDFPDF
6483Home Economics-I (Content Major)PDFPDF
6485Home Economics-III (Content Major)PDFPDF
6490Pakistan Studies-III (Content Major)PDFPDF
6493Pedagogy-I (Teaching of English)PDFPDF
6494Pedagogy-Teaching of UrduPDFPDF
8601General Methods of TeachingPDFPDF
8602Educational AssessmentPDFPDF
8603Curriculum DevelopmentPDFPDF
8604Research Method in EducationPDFPDF
8605Educational LeadershipPDFPDF
8606Citizenship Education and CommunityPDFPDF
8609Philosophy of EducationPDFPDF
8610Human DevelopmentPDFPDF
8611Critical Thinking and Reflective PracticesPDFPDF
8612Professionalism in TeachingPDFPDF
8614Educational StatisticsPDFPDF
8615Management StrategiesPDFPDF
8616School AdministrationPDFPDF
8617Plan Implementation and Educational ManagementPDFPDF
8618School LeadershipPDFPDF
8619Educational TechnologyPDFPDF
8620Computers in EducationPDFPDF
8621Broadcast MediaPDFPDF
8622Non Broadcast MediaPDFPDF
8623Elementary EducationPDFPDF
8624Secondary EducationPDFPDF
8625Higher EducationPDFPDF
8626Teacher Education in PakistanPDFPDF
8627Foundation of Science EducationPDFPDF
8628Assessment in Science EducationPDFPDF
8629Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety MethodsPDFPDF
8634Foundation of ReadingPDFPDF
8635Teaching ReadingPDFPDF
8667Islamiat – IPDFPDF
8668Islamiat – IIPDFPDF
8669Seerat-e-Tayyaba – IPDFPDF
8670Seerat-e-Tayyaba – IIPDFPDF
9402Pakistan Studies (ODL)PDFPDF
9404Public RelationsPDFPDF
9407Compulsory English – IPDFPDF
9408Compulsory English – IIPDFPDF

All the solved assignments of Allama Iqbal Open University of all degree courses are available on our website. Students can download and prepare their assignments from here. AIOU BED Solved Assignments 2022.

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