Job Interview Questions to Ask

 The most important interview questions asked in any job interview are listed below. These interview questions will help you to prepare interview questions and answers pdf, Interview questions for accountant, interview questions for accountant, interview questions and answers for HR ,Job interview questions and job interview questions to ask.

Job Interview Questions

1.What is your name?

2.What is your name meaning?

3.What is your father and mother name?

4.What is your cast and sect?

5.What is your qualification?

6.What are you doing now a days?

7.Why you join Pakistan army (reason)?

8.Introduce yourself in 6 to 8 lines?

9.What is your mother tongue?

10.What is your weight and height, age and place of birth?

11.Convert your weight into pounds and height into cm and age into days?

12.What are your good qualities and bad qualities?

13.What are your hobbies?

14.What is your metric and INTER Roll numbers with percentages.

15.What is your favorite subject?

16.How many siblings, you have and what they do?

17.What is your rank among them?

18.What is your favorite color name?

19.What is your favorite personality (reason?)

20.Which NEWS paper you read?

21.Who is the editor of favorite NEWS paper?

22.What is the price of news paper and which part you most read?

23.NEWS stands for.?

24.What do your father?

25.What is your father salary?

26.Extract Zakat of your father‘s salary?

27.What is your favorite game?

28.Why you like this game?

29.Who is your best friend ?

30.List the good and bad qualities of your best friend?

Question Related to Defence Forces

1.Highest military award of Pakistan?

2.Chief of army staff?

3.DG ISI name?

4.DG ISPR name?

5.Defence minister name?

6.Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) name?


8.Vice Admiral Name ?


10.Chief Of Air Staff name?

11.Vice Air Marshal name?

12.CHIEF OF Army STAFF of India name?

13.Chief of air staff Air of India name?

14.CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF of India name?

15.List the wars between Pakistan India?

16.List the duration of world wars?

17.List the Operational awards and Non operational awards of Pakistan?

18.How many soldiers and officers received nishan-e-haider?

19.List the the name s of those soldier and officers that received nishan-e-haider?

20-what's famous in your city?

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