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FIA Most Repeated MCQs

1) : Objective Resolution Was Passed By? (Liaqat Ali Khan On 12 March 1949)

2) : Quran Pak Other Name? (Furqan)

3) : Montegu Chelmsford Reform Date? (1919)

4) : The Number Of Rivers In Balochistan? (7)

5) : Surah Name On Ant Is? (Numl)

6) : First Democractic Election In Pakistan? ( 7 Dec 1970)

7) : Baltic Countries? (Latvia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Russia etc)

8) : Pirpur Report Date? (1938)

9) : Cabinut Mission? (1 946)

10) : Cube Root Of Unity? (1)

11) : Khalid Bin Waleed Accepted Islam In? (6 Hijri)

12) : Abu Sufyan Accepted Islam In? (8 Hijri)

13) : Hazrat Muazz Was Governer Of? (Yemen)

14) : The Inverse Of Scalar Matrix? (Scalar Matrix)

15) : Sin180-x? (Sinx)

16) : Pak Celebrate Defence Day From? (1966)

17) : Old Name Of Attock? (Campbell Pur)

18) : Pak Afghan Border Length? (2430 KM)

19) : Geneva Pact? (1988)

20) :Which Country Is Called Rising Sun? (Japan)

21) : How Many Agencies Are In FATA? (7)

22) : King Of Habsha’s Religion? {Armah (Najashi)}

23) : Most Deveoped Continent? (Europe)

24) : What Will Be Last Letter Of UTYEAB When You Arrange It?  (Y)

25) : What Will Be Third Letter Alphabeticallu Arengement in “Management”? (G)

26) : If Yesterday Was Friday Then After Tomorrow Will Be? (Monday)

27) : How Many Months Have 31 Days In Year? (7) 

28) : In A Room There Are Males And Females, If There Are 3/2 Male Then How Many Females Are In The Room, When Room Contain 30 People? (10)

29) : Book Purchased In 30 Rs And Sold In 40 Rs Find The Profit In %? (33. 3%)

30) : Railway Minister? (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad)

31) : Governer Sindh? (Imran Ismail)

32) : Lowest Point On Earth Is? (Challenger Deep)

33) : Jami ul Quran Title? (Hazrat Usman R.A)

34) : Biggest District Areawise In Pakistan? (Chagai)

35) : Who Wrote Loyal Muhammadan? (Sir Syed Ahmed Khan)

36) : China Pak Border Agreement Date? (2 March 1963)

37) : Where Pakistan Did Its Nuclear Test? (Ras Koh Hills In District Chagai)

38) : Pakistan 1200 Mile Border Length With Which Country? (Afghanistan) Confirm It

39) : Basel Is City Of? (Switzerland)

40) : Smallest Continent? (Australia)

41) : Highest Civil Award Of Pakistan? (Nishan e Pakistan)

42) : First Women Governer General? (Begum Raana)

43) : 2nd PM Of Pakistan? (Khuwaja Nazimuddin)

44) : Empty Set Is Known As? (Finite) 

45) : Chaura Chauri Incident Date? (5 Feb 1922)

46) : Longest River Of Asia? (Yangtze)

47) : Saffah Means? (Top Of Mountain)

48) : Nisab of Gold? (7.5 Tola Or 84.87 Grams) 

49) : 1857 Jung e Azadi Exact Date? (10 May 1857)

50) : Relation Of Hazrat Hamza With Holy Prophet PBUH? (Companion As Well As Paternal Uncle)

51) : “Prescribe” Synonym? (Order, Command, Dictate)

52) : Cube Root of -2? (-1.25)

53) : India Quite Movement? (8 August 1942)

54) : Kaleemullah Is A Title Of? (Hazrat Musa AS)

55) : Speaker of National Assembly? (Asad Qaiser)

56) : 90% of 90? (81)

57) : Old Name Of India? (Hindustan, Bharat or Bhartavarsha etc)

59) : Israel Was Title Of? (Hazrat Yaqoob AS)

60) : Which Place Connect Pakistan With Tajikistan? (Wakhan)

61) : Laat And Uzaa Are? (Idol)

62) : First Foreign Minister? (Muhammad Zafrullah Khan)

63) : Sindh Bombay Se Separate Karne Ka Mutalba Kiska Tha? {Muslims (Muhammad Ali Jinnah 14 Points)}

64) : FIFA WC 2018 Winner? (France)

65) : President During 1956 Constitution? (Iskander Mirza) 

66) : Quaid e Azam Left Congress In? (December 1920)

67) : Makkah Conquered? (8 Hijri)

68) : Mavakhat e Madinah Was Between? (Ansaar And Mahajareen)

69) : Asadullah Is A Title Of? (Hazrat Ali R.A)

70) : Quaid Date Of Birth? (25 Dec 1876)

71) : Nehru Report Date? (30 August 1928)

72) : Dark Continent? (Africa)

73) : Red Sea Is Also Known As? (Gulf Of Arabia)

74) : Capital Of Kyrgyzstan? (Bishkek)

75) : Who Separated Bengal In 1913? (Lord Curzon)

76) : Length of Pakistan Coast? (1046 KM)

77) : Badar Is A Name Of? (Village) (Meaning Of Badar Is “Full Moon”)

78) : The Largest Producer Of Carpet? (Iran¬) 

79) : Sin 90°? (1) 

80) : Abdul Salam Got Noble Prize In? (1979 in Physics)

81) : Srilanka Capital? (Colombo)

82) : Pak Aghan Border Name? (Durand Line) 

83) : Who Gave The Idea of Pakistan? (Allama Iqbal) 

84) : Which Was The First Book of Allama Iqbal? (Asrar e Khudi) 

85) : First Hajj Offered In? (9 Hijri)

86) : What Was The Father Name Of Hazrat Usman? (Affan Ibn Abi Al’As) 

87) : Which Is The Oldest City Of Pakistan? (Multan) 

88) : Currency Of Turkey? (Lira)

89) : Land Of White Elephants Is? (Thailand) 

90) : 1st Khalifa Of Islam? (Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A)

91) : First Pakistani Astronaut? (Namira Salim In 2009) 

92) : First Governer Of Pakistan? (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) 

93) : First War With India Over Kashmir? (1947–1948 Indo-Pak War)

94) : Tashkat Declaration? (1966) 

95) : Badshai Mosque Was Built In Which Year? (1673 By Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb) 

96) : Largest Road of Pakistan Is? (N-5 National Highway)

97) : The Number of Idols Were In Khana Kaaba? (360) 

98) : 2nd Largest Glacier In Pakistan Is? (Baltoro Glacier) 

99) : "Now or Never"? (1933 By Ch. Rehmat Ali) 

100) : When Pak Joined UNO? (30 September 1947) 

101) : Holy Prophet Was Born In? (571 AD) 

102) : Atique Is The Title Of? (Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A)

103) : 1st War Of Panipat Date? (21 April 1526)

104) : 1st Women Speaker of Balochistan Assembly? (Rahila Hameed Khan Durrani)

105) : Which Country Opposed Pakistan’s Membership In UNO? (Afghanistan)

106) : Which Angel Brings Revelations? (Hazrat Jibraiel AS)

107) : Capital Of Mangolia? (Ulaanbaatar)

108) : 2016 Olympics Kahan Hue? (Brazil)

109) : When Did Quaid e Azam Gave Delhi Pect? (1916)

110) : 48 Heads Of Hen And Cow Together And 140 Legs, How Many Hen Are There? (26)

111) : Sulah Hudabiya Date? (6 Hijri)

112) : Malala Ko Award Kis Liye Mila? (Peace) 

113) : Tehreek e Khilafat Date? (Started In 1919)

114) : Ali was born_____ 20 August,1997. (On)

115) : Strength Of Muslims In Ghazwae Badar? (313)

116) : Name Of First Book Of Ahadees? (Sahifa Sadika)

117) : Pakistan Joined Which Organization In 2017? {SCO (Shnghai Cooperation Organization)}

118) : Which Country Accepted Pakistan First? (Iran) 

119) : First Moazzin Of Islam? (Hazrat Bilal R.A)

120) : Spell Check Key? (F7)

121) : Indus Treaty? (World Bank) 

122) : Area Of Forests In Pakistan? {In 1990 (3.28%), Now (1.91%)}

123) : Yamama Kis K Doar Mein Hui? (Hazrat Abu Bakkar RA)

124) : Mostly Coal Is Found In Which Area Of Pakistan? {Thar (Sindh)}

125) : Zakat Made Obligatory In? (2nd Hijri)

126) : Daughters Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH? (4 Daughters)

127) : Most Mentioned Prophet In Quran? {Hazrat Musa A.S (Mentioned 135 Times)}

128) : Integral Of Cotx? (In |sin x| + C)

129) : Mother Name Of Hazrat Ishaac? (Hazrat Sarah)

130) : Pass Between Chitral And Afghanistan? (Dorah Pass)

131) : Muslims Came Back Without Fight In Which Ghazwa? (Tabook)

132) : Nearest Planet To Earth? (Venus) 

133) : Pakistan Opposed India In Inclusion Of? (NSG)

134) : Measurement Of Earthquake? (Richterscale)

135) : Friction Is Maximum Between Tyres And Road During? (Hard Break)

136) : Ambassoder Of Common Wealth Countries Are Called? (High Commissioner)

137) : Circumference Of Earth? (40,075 KM)

138) : IMF Functions? (Maintaining Balance Between Demand and Supply of Currencies)

139) : Pentagon is for? (USA Defence Offices)

140) : Sierra Leone Capital? (Freetown)

141) : In Ghazwa Ohad Which Leaded The Enemy Force? (Abu Sufyan) 

142) : 1st Female Justice Of Balochistan High Court? (Syeda Tahira Safdar) 

143) : Space Between Margin And Before Paragraph is Called? (Indentation)

144) : To Cut Useless Area Of Image Is Called? (Cropping) 

145) : Text Styling In Word? (WordArt) 

146) : NAM of 1955 In Which Country? (Indonesia)

147) : Saindak Project Is Producing? (Copper And Gold)

148) : Pak Parliamentary System Is? (Bicameral)

149) : Largest Oil Refinery Of Pakistan? (Pak-Arab Refinery Ltd)

150) : Purpose of WTO? (Regulation And International Trade)

151) : Vitamin To Heal Wound? (Vitamin C, Also Called Ascorbic Acid)

152) : Best Source Of Urgent Energy To Athlete? (Carbohydrates)

153) : If A Person Purchase A Book Of 500 And Sale It In 700 Find Percentage of Profit? (40%)

154) : When Pakistan Became A Member Of UNO? (30 Sep 1947)

155) : Jang-e-Furqan Kis Ko Kehty Hain? (Battle Of Badar)

156) : 2+2/2= (3)

157) : Ghazwae Ohad Mein Shaheed Hone Wale Muslims Ki Tadaad? (85)

158) : Pakistan Mein Electric Energy Ki Sabse Bari Source? {Thermal (Both Oil And Gas)}

159) : Location Of Iran With Respect To Pakistan? (West)

160) : Jange Yamama Mein Shaheed Hone Wale Muslims Ki Tadaad? (70)

161) : Date Of Publishing Of Cause Of Revolt? (10 May 1857)

162) : Objective Resolution Was Showed In Assembly On? (7 March 1949)

163) : Noun ''School" Can Be Replaced With? (It)

164) : SAFTA Stands For? (South Asian Free Trade Area)

165) : Strength Of Muslims in Battle of Uhad? (1000)

166) : How Many Articles Are In English? {Two ( A & The)}

167) : IMF Stands For? (International Monetry Fund)

168) : Founder Of Urdu Defence Association? (Mohsin Ul Mulk)

169) : How Many Times Name Of Hazrat Jibrael Is Mentioned In Quran ? (4 Times)

170) : Mount Olympus Is In? (Greece)

171) : Last Prophet Sent To Bani Israel? (Hazrat Eesa AS)

172) : France Curreny Before Euro? (Franc)

173) : What Is One Tenth Of 90? (90/10 = 9)

174) : What Is One Tenth Of 120? (120/10 = 12)

175) : Hazrat Bilal R.A Was Slave Of? (Ummaiya Bin Half)

176) : Mostly)@'@--- Articles Come Before?{Noun (i.e Singular Noun)}

177) : Literal Meaning Of Islam? (Voluntry Submission To Allah)

178) : In Class Of 1500 Students 1200 Are Present, Find The Percentage Of Present Students? (80%)

179) : In Class Of 500 Students 340 Are Present, Find The Percentage Of Absent Students? (32%)

180) : Akhuwat (Mawakhaat) Means? (Brotherhood)

181) : What is Hudabiya? {Treaty (Place)}

182) : Ziarat Is The Residency Of? (Quaid e Azam)

183) : Age of Holy Prophet PBUH as Fujjar? (15)

184) : Who Translated The Holy Quran In Urdu First? (Maulana Aashiq) 

185) : Name Of China-India Border? (McMohan Line)

186) : Jihad Of Women Is? (Hijaab)

187) : They Are Three Brothers, Ali is ______ Of The Three? (Cleverest)

188) : He Served Us ______ Breakfast? (A Good)

189) : Where Are Salt Mines? (Khewra)

190) : Fattah Khyber? (7 Hijri)

191) : Namaz e Istasqa Is Offered For? (Rain)

192) : Jinnah Research Centre Was Established In The Year? (1991)

193) : Lahore Resolution Date? (23rd March 1940)

194) : 1st World War Ended In? (1918)

195) : Largest Island? (Greenland)

196) : OPEC Stand For? (Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries)

197) : Diamer Bhasha Dam Is On Which River? (River Indus)

198) : Jange Uhad Ka Maarka Kab Pesh Aya? (3 Hijri)

199) : Jinnah Research Centre Is Situated In? (Queen Maund Land, Eastern Antarctica)

200) : Name The Only Sahabi Mentioned In Holy Quran? (Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris RA)

201) : FSB Is A Secret Agency Of Which Country? (Russia)

202) : "Morals Of Quran Are Embodiment Of Holy Prophet (S.A.W)", Who Said This? (Hazrat Ayesha R.A)

203) : Wazeere Khazana? (Asad Umar)

204) : Roohullah Is The Title Of? (Hazrat Esa A.S)

205) : Zaboor Was Revealed On? (Hazrat Dawood A.S)

206) : Length Of LOC? (740KM)

207) : Mangla Dam Is On Which River? (River Jehlum)

208) : Which Province Of Pakistan Is Called Babul Islam? (Sindh)

209) : Barri Doab Is Between? (River Ravi And Beas) 

210) : Moaztain Surah Name? (Surah Al-Falak And Surah An-Naas)

211) : Which Surah Was Recited In Front Of Najashi? (Surah Maryam)

212) : Sea With Most Salted Water? (Dead Sea)

213) : Luknow Pact Was Between Which Parties? (Indian National Congress And Muslim League)

214) : Lengthiest Constitution? (Indian Constitution)

215) : Shah Walliullah Died In Which Year? (1762)

216) : Siachin Glacier Is Situated In Which Mountain Range? (Eastern Karakoram Range)

217) : If A Train Covers 120 Miles Per Hour. How Much Will It Cover In 12 Minutes? (38.4KM or 24 Miles)

218) : Which Surah Is Called The Heart Of Holy Quran? (Surah Yaseen)

219) : If Yesterday Was Monday Then What Will Be The Day After Tomorrow? (Thursday)

220) : 500 Students Are In A Class, 360 Are Boys, Find The Girls%? (28%)

221) : If A Helicopter Need 50 Gallons To Move 320 Kilometer. Then How Much Gallons Helicopter Need If It Moves 400 Kilometer? (62.5 Gallons)

222) : Amjad And Ahmed Kept 24 Balloon, Amjad Kept Three Time More Then Ahmed, How Much Amjad Kept? (18 Balloons)

223) : If A Train Covers 120 Km Per Hour, How Much Will It Cover In 18 Minutes? (36 Km)

224) : np2=20 Find Value Of n? (10) 

225) : KANUPP In Karachi Was Built With Assistance From? (Canadian Assistance).

Most Important FIA MCQS - FIA TEST Preparation

1. Total no of ghazwat. 

A. 27(12 mentioned in Quran)

2. Capital kf somaliya is. 

A. Mogadishu

3. Capital of Nepal is. 

A. Kathmandu 

4. Cabinet mission date.

A. 1946

5. Governor of yamen.

A. Bazaan ibne sasaan

6. Who wrote loyal muhammadian? 

A. Sir syed ahmad khan

7. Saifullah is the title if? 

A. Khalid bin waleed

8. 1999 nishan e haider holder. 

A. Havaldar lalak jan, karnal sher khan

9. Islam means? 

A. Peace

10. Tashkent declaration? 

A. 10 jan 1966

11. 1965 war last for how many days? 

A. 17 days

12. When did prophet migrated to madina

A. 13 nabwi, 622 AD

13. Rohtas fort is near? 

A. Jhelum

14. Which pakistani woman and man climbed Mount Everest first. 

A. Mirza ali or sabir nazir and samina baig

15. Olumpic is the air port of? 

A. Greece

16. Capital of Malta is

A. Valletta

17. Tallest tower of Asia? 

A. Oriental pearl TV 

18. Tallest tower of the world.


19. Name the Sahabi mentioned in quran. 

A. Zaid Bin Haris RA

20. Meaning of badr is? 

A. Full moon

21. Details about badr. 

A. 17 ramzan 2 hijri 624 AD. 

√. Abu jehl was opponent leader. 

√. 313 muslims 950 kuffar. 

14 muslims martyred 70 kuffar killed and 70 arrested. 

√. Angel helped.

22. Details about uhd. 

A. √. 5 shawal 3 hijri 625 AD. 

√. Abu sufyan was opponent leader. 

√. Hamza paternal uncle of prophet martyr in it. 

√. Prophet teeth martyr in it.

√. 700 muslims 3000 kuffar.

√. 70 muslim martyred 20 kuffar killed.

√. Uhd is a name of a mount.

√. Uhd means commitment. 

23. Abu sufyan accepted islam in? 

A. After ghazwa hunaun and Fatah makka

24. Capital of uganda? 

A. Kampala

25. Capital and currency of Australia ?

A. Camberra, dollar

26. Capital and currency kf Austria? 

A. Vienna, euro

27. What is mariana trench? 

A. Deepest area of earth and pacific ocean,deepest point is challenger deep. 

28. Hazrat ayesha RA is the daughter of? 

A. Abu Bakar RA

29. National flower of pakistan is? 

A. Jasmine

30. Pak iran gas pipeline agreement?

A. 16 march 2010

31. Bangal seperated in? 

A. 16 oct 1905 by lord curzon 

32. Mi5 is the agency of? 

A. Uk

33. Pound sterling is the currency of? 

A. Uk

34. Bhasha dam is on river? 

A. River indus

35. Which lake cover one full country? 

A. Victoria

36. Cease fire agreement date? 

A. 27 July 1949

37. Man made lake is? 

A. Kenjhar in thatta

38. Natural biggest lake of pak? 

A. Mancher in dadu. 

39. Umme kulsoom is the daughter of? 

A. Muhammad PBUH

40. Details of quran? 

A. 114 surah, 28 makki 86 madni, 558 rukooh, 6666 ayat, 14 sajda, 30 pary, 7 manzil

41. Who said life of prophet is practical of quran?

A. Ayesha RA

42. Who introduced islamization? 

A. Abul ala maududi

43. Surah name on ant? 

A. Naml

44. Zia ul haq was assassinated in?

A. Bhawalpur

45. IRDA means? 

A. Insurance regulatory development authority 

46. Bolan pass connects quetta wih? 

A. Sibbi and Jecobabad or chaman

47. Holy prophet lived in madina for how many years? 

A. 10 years

48. Largest lake of the world? 

A. Caspian sea

49. Manchester lake is in? 

A. Brisbane, Queensland Australia 

50. Capital of Germany?

A. Berlin

51. Capital of qatar? 

A. Doha 

52. Sher shah suri was burried in? 

A. Sasaram India 

53. Red cross headquarters? 

A. Geneva Switzerland 

54. Lengthiest constitution of the world is? 

A. India (444 articles) 

55. Fateh makkah date? 

A. 20 ramzan 8 hijri 630 AD

56. Largest island of the world? 

A. Greenland

57. Name the Mother of Ismael AS? 

A. Hajra

58. Name the mother or Ishaaq AS

A. Sarah

59. Gawadar port bought from? 

A. Oman

60. First ghazwa of islam?

A. Widan

61. India of My dream is written by?  

A.  Gandhi

62. Biggest polo ground of the world is in? 

A. Shandur top, Gilgit 

63. How many players in Baseball? 

A. 9

64. Other name of ghazwa badar?

A. Furqan

65. Tayyamum means? 

A. Dry ablution 

66. Meaning of Urdu in turkish language is? 

A. Army

67. Which vitamin do we get by sunlight? 

A. Vitamin D

68. Which country has no capital? 

A. Nauru (It is also a shortest democratic country of the world) 

69. Indus water treaty date? 

A. 19 sep 1960

70. Bhauddin zakariya tomb is in? 

A. Multan

71. Title of Hazrat Usman RA? 

A. Zunnoreen or jamia al Quran

72. President of first constitution assembly of pakistan? 

A. Quaideazam

73. Length or cricekt bat? 

A. 38 inches

74. Aunt name of Holy Prophet SAW

A. Umme Hakim Binte Mutalib

75. Real name of Imam Bukhari is? 

A. Abu abdullah Muhammad Bin Ismail

76. Highest peak of Hindu Kash range is? 

A. Tirch mir

77. Shah jahan masjid is in? 

A. Thatha

78. Bakra dam is on which river? 

A. Sutlaj

79. Lowari pass connects?

A. Peshawar with chitral and Dir. 

80. Foster sister name of Muhammad SAW?

A. Sheema RA

81. Cholistan desert is in? 

A. Bhawalpur

82. Author of book "Hemlet" is? 

A. Shakespare

83. Capital and currency of Algeria?

A. Algiers and Dinar

84. 2nd constitution of pakistan details? 

A. √. Enforced on 8 june 1962 by Ayub khan. √. Abrogated on 26 march 1969 by Ayub khan

85. Where is shalimar bagh? 

A. Lahorr

86. Faraizi movement was started by? 

A. Haji shariyatullah khan

87. 1st constitution details?

A. √. Enforced on 23 march 1956 by chodhry muhammad ali √. Abrogated on 7 oct 1958 by iskandar mirza

88. Who is the author of conquest of happiness? 

A. Batrand Russel

89. Badminton was discovered by? 

A. British army officer in india

90. PEMRA stands for? 

A. Pakistani Electronic Media Regulatory Authority

91. Capital and currency of Russia? 

A. Moscow ans Rubble

92. Old name of attock is? 

A. Combellpur

93. Jannat ul bakki is in? 

A. Madina

94. How many seats are in senate? 

A. 104

95. Which pass connects gilgit with china? 

A. Khunjrab

96. Height of K2. 

A. 8611 meter or 28,251 feet

97. Ali garh was given the status of college in? 

A. 1977

98. Seats in national assembly? 

A. 342

99. Hazrar maryam is the mother of?

A. Issa AS

100. What was the age of prophet when he put black stone? (Hujra aswad)

A. 35 years

101. Pakistan won champion trophy in which year? 

A. 2017

102. Which picture is on the back of 5000 note? 

A. Faisal masjid

103. When do we celebrate Kashmir day?

A. 5 fab

104. Pakistan capital shift to Islamabad in which year? 

A. 14 Aug 1967

105. Who gave suggestion of sulah hidaibiya? 

A. Muhammad SAW

106. Which surat start without bismillah? 

A. Toba

107. Which surat has bismillah twice? 

A. Naml

108. Name of book of choudhry rehmat ali? 

A. Emergency of Pakistan

109. Benazeer was killed in which city? 

A. 27 dec 2007 in Rawalpindi

110. 1st census held in pakistan in? 

A. 1951

111. Who build kaaba originally? 

A. Ibrahim AS

112. OPEC stands for? 

A. Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries

113. Who started mughal empire? 

A. Zaheerudin Babar

114. Defence day? 

A. 6 sep

115. Jahangir khan was player of? 

A. Squash

116. CIA headquarters is in? 

A. Langley mcLean Virginia US

117. Sah e sita books? 

A. 6

118. How many aayat were in first wahi? 

A. 5

119. Death angel? 

A. Izrael AS

120. Balakot is on which river? 

A. Kunhar river

121. Seats of woman in national assembly. 

A. 60

122. Seats of woman in senate. 

A. 17

123. Which party won election in 2008?


124. Islamabad is on which mountain range? 

A. Margalla hills

125. Which area of pakistan is famous for illegal weapon in pakistan? 

A. Dera adam khel

126. Headquarters of IMF and world bank in? 

A. Washington DC US

127. Texila is in which district? 

A. Rawalpindi

128. Muslim Bagh is famous for? 

A. Chromite

129. First woman shaheed of islam? 

A. Sumaiyah binte khabbat

130. Ran of kach boundry is also called? 

A. 24 parallel lines

131. Father name of Hazrat Ibrahim AS

A. Aazar

132. First US president to visit pakistan? 

A. Dwight D Eisenhower 

133. Kalabagh is in? 

A. Mianwali 

134. Tribe of Hafsha RA

A. Banu Adi Quraish 

135. Tribe of Hazrat Khadija

A. Banu Asad Quraish

136. Son name of Zakariya AS

A. Yahya AS

137. Which pass connects Kohat and Peshawar 

A. Kohat Pass

138. Where is Zardak peak? 

A. In Kirthar Range Sindh

139. Length of Indus Highway

A. 1264 km

140. Length of Mariana Trench

A. 2500 km (70 km width)

141. Who won 2003 cricket world cup?

A. Australia 

142. Heidelberg is in? 

A. South Western Germany

143. Tomb of bhulle shah is in? 

A. Kasur

144. Grandmother name of Muhammad SAW? 

A. Fatima(Paternal) Barrah(Maternal)

145. CPEC was signed by? 

A. Nawaz sharif and Xi Jinping

146. Which US president visit pakistan after 1965 war? 

A. Lyndon B johnson

147. Jinnah Barrage is located on? 

A. Indus River 

148. 1st battle of Pani pat

A. 21 april 1526 between Babur (winner) and Ibrahim Lodhi

149. 2nd battle of Pani Pat

A. 5 Nov 1556 between Akbar (winner) and Hema Chandra

150. 3rd battle of pani pat? 

A. 14 jan 1761 between Ahmad shah durrani/abdali(winner) and Sadashiv Rao Bhau

151. Battle of plassy was fought in? 

A. 1757 between siraj ud daula and Clive (winner) 

152. Bhauddin zakariya tomb is in? 

A. Multan

153. Who established bait ul mal? 

A. Ali RA

154. Ibrahim AS had how many children? 

A. 13 children or 2 sons

155. Battle in which Muhammad SAW didn't participate? 

A. Saria

156. Which battle was first non arab war? 

A. Mutta

157. Nisab or zakat on silver? 

A.  612.36 gram or 52 tola

158. Israel is the title of?

A. Hazrat Yaqub AS

159. Kissing hajr aswad us called? 

A. Istalam

160. First institution of islam is? 

A. Suffah

161. Masjid hanif is located in? 

A. Mina

162. Jaabi means? 

A. One who collects zakat

163. First collection of hadees is? 

A. Sahidah e saadiqa

164. Makkah conquered after which ghazwa? 

A. Hunain

165. Cripps mission was held in? 

A. 1942 by sir stafford cripps

166. Shimla conference was held in? 

A. 1945

167. Titu meer is the son of? 

A. Abida ruqayya khatoon and syed mir hassan ali

168. Pakistan joined OIC in? 

A. 1969

169. Jabl e noor is in? 

A. Makkah

170. Head Quarters of World Common Wealth is in? 

A. London UK

171. Lactation period of buffalo?

A. 305

173. Capial of Argentina? 

A. Bonus Aires

174. Rickets desease is caused by? 

A. Lake of vitamin D or calcium 

175. Terminating decimal is called? 


176. Indian council act is known as? 

A. Morley minto reform date? 

177. Largest organ of UN 

A. General Assembly 

178. When was sui gas discovered? 

A. 1952

179. Name of attomic bomb which was thrown on Nagasaki? 

A. Fat man or little boy

180. Pakistan became member of UN on? 

A. 30 sep 1947

181. Hazrat bilal RA was the slave of? 

A. Ommaya bin khalf

183. Sofia is the capital of? 

A. Bulgaria

184. Kahuta laboratories made in the government of? 


185. Which surat is called uroos ul quran? 

A. Rehman

186. Kip is the currency of? 

A. Laos

187. Land between peshawar and Rawalpindi

A.  Gandhara

188. Hunter par hunter book written by? 

A. Sir syed ahmed khan

189. Strait between greenland and iceland? 

A. Denmark strait

190. Capital of Bhutan

A. Thimpu

191. Ghazwa tabook was against? 

A. Roman

192. Afghanistan is seperated from pakistan by which mountain range? 

A. Hindu kash range

194. Panama lake connects caspian sea with? 


195. Sindh seperated from mumbay in? 

A. 1 apr 1936

196. Father name of usman RA? 

A. Afan ibne abi alas

197. Jinnah vission of pakistan book written by? 

A. S Mehmood

199. Currency of Vietnam city? 

A. Vietnamese dong

200. Who founded baghdad? 

A. Al Mansur

[7/14, 8:33 AM] abdullah: *ARSC karachi (Part 2)*

1. World Trade organization headquarter is in? 

A. Geneva Switzerland 

2. Capital of Bahrain? 

A. Manama

3. Largest water fall of the world? 

A. Angel falls

4. Wife names of prophet muhammad 

A.1.Khadija 2.Sowda 3.Aisha 4.Hafsha 5.Zainab binte khuzayma 6.Salma 7.Zainab binte jahsh 8.Maimoona 9.Javeria 10.Safia 11.Rehana

(2 divorced asma binte nauman and amra binte yazid) 

5. A discipline divided book written by? 

A. Gabriel Almond

6. Daughter name of prophet. 

A. 1.Fatima 2.Zainab 3.Ruqayyah 4.Umee kulsoom

7. Only pakistani woman to climb top 5 peaks of the world? 

A. Samina baig

8. Area between river ravi and beas is called? 

A. Bari doaba

9. How many rivers flow in punjab? 

A. 5 (jhelum, chenab, beas, sutlaj, ravi) 

10. Biggest river of pakistan is? 

A. Indus river (3180km) 

11. Jhelum and chenab meets at? 

A. Trimmu muzaffar garh

12. Shortest river of pakistan is? 

A. Ravi(720km)

13. How many rivers in balochistan? 

A. 7 ( Dusht, Hub, Zhob, Hingol, Mula, Bolan, Nari) 

14. Jehlum and sutlaj meet near? 

A. Punjnab

15. Area between chenab and Jehlum ? 

A. Chaj doab

16. 2013 Olympic athletics was held in? 


17. Largest lake inside a country is? 

A. Lake superior

18. Largest mountain of balochistan plateau is? 

A. Zarghun ghar

19. City of college of arts of pakistan? 

A. Lahore

20. Intelligence agency MOSSAD was established in which year? 

A. 13 dec 1949

21. Liaqat nehru pact was signed in? 

A. 8 apr 1950

22. When holy prophet 1st journey to madina? 

A. 13 nabwi 622 AD

23. Multiplicative identity of complex number? 

A. 1

24. Battle of khyber was against? 

A. Jews

25. President of 1st constitution assembly of pakistan? 

A. Quaideazam 

26. Who was defeated in battle of plassy? 

A. Clive defeated siraj ud daulah at plassy in 1757 and captured calcutta

27. Namaz was ordered how many times in islam? 

A. 700

28. Afghanistan is seperated from pakistan by which mountain range? 

A. Hindu kash range

29. Gandara is located in? 

A. Peshawar between sawat and potohar valley KPK

30. Whitly mountain? 

A Appalachian Mountain Range US

31. Real name of imam bukhari. 

A. Abu abdullah Muhammad bin ismail

32. UN has how many official languages? 

A. 6 (arabic, chinese, english, french, russian, Spanish)

33. Relation of hazrat safia with Muhammad SAW? 

A. Wife

34. Karbala happened in which hijri? 

A. 10 muharram 61 hijri 680 AD in iraq

35. Warsak dam is in which city? 

A. Peshawar 

36. Snake bite acid is? 


37. Athletes 2018 Olympic held in? 

A. South korea

38. Imran khan attended first china international import expo(CIIE) in? 

A. 2018 in Shanghai

39. Bangladesh came into being on? 

A. 16 dec 1971

40. PPP was established in? 

A. Nov 1967

41. Pak join OIC in? 

A. 1969

42. 2016 Olympic hosted by? 

A. Brazil

43. Pakistan joined CENTO in? 

A. 1955 and left in 1979

44. Basel is the city of? 

A. Switzerland 

45. Largest producer of carpet is? 

A. Iran

46. Ali RA martyr in? 

A. 21 Ramzan 40 hijri 30 January 661 AD

[7/14, 8:59 AM] abdullah: *Important Topics*

*A. Desert and Mountain*

1. Thal desert is located in? 

A. Punjab between river indus and jehlum

2. Kharan desert is in? 

A. Balochistan 

3. Largest desert of pakistan? 

A. Thar desert in sindh ( 17 largest desert of the world) 

4. How many peaks are above 8000 height in pakistan? 

A. 5

5. Highest peaks of pakistan are located in? 

A. Karakoram located in pakistan and china

6. Highest peak of hindu kash range is? 

A. Tirch mir (33 highest peak of the world) 

7. Rakaposhi is in? 

A. Karakoram range (27 highest peak of the world) 

8. Highest peak of kirthar range is? 

A. Zardak

9. Nanga parbat is in? 

A. Himaliyas (9th highest peak of the world) 

*B. Lakes*

1. Numal Lake is in? 

A. Mianwali

2. Fort Minru Lake is in? 

A. Dera Ghazi Khan

3. Saiful malook lake is in? 

A. Naran

4. Hena lake is in 

A. Balochistan 

5. Wular lake is on which river? 

A. Jehlum 

6. Simly lake is in? 

A. Islamabad

7. Salt water lake is in? 

A. Balochistan 

8. Hub lake is near? 

A. Karachi

9. Rawal lake is in? 

A. Islamabad 

10. Kachura lake is in?

A. Skardu

11. Largest man made lake of pakistan? 

A. Kenjhar lake in thatha sindh 

12. Largest natural lake of pakistan? 

A. Manchar in dadu sindh

*C. Dams*

1. Mirani Dam is in? 

A. Balochistan 

2. Warsak dam is on which river? 

A. Kabul

3. Largest and oldest barrage of pakistan? 

A. Sukker barrage

4. Oldest dam of pakistan is? 

A. Warsak dam

5. Khanpur dam is on which river? 

A. Haro

6. Tanda dam is in? 


7. Bhasha and Kalabagh dam will build on? 

A. Indus river

8. Ghazi brotha dam is on? 

A. River indus

9. Bakra dam is on which river? 

A. Sutlaj

10. Tarbela dam is on? 

A. Indus in haripur Kpk

11. Mangla dam is on? 

A. River jehlum

12. Junnah barrage is on? 

A. River indus in mianwali

13. How many barrages are on river indus? 

A. 6 (jinnah, guddu, chashma, sukkar, kotri, chaunsa) 

*D. Passes*

1. Harnai pass connects? 

A. Ziarat and loralai

2. Khunjrab pass connects? 

A. Gilgit with china

3. Muztag pass connects? 

A. Gilgil with hunza or Baltistan with yarkand (china) 

4. Babusar pass connects? 

A. Gilgit with abbatabad 

5. Khojak pass connects? 

A. Qila abdullah with chaman(afghanistan)

6. Tochi pass connects? 

A. Bannu (Pakistan) and ghazni

7. Shandur pass connects ?

A. Gilgit with chitral 

8. Shangla pass connects? 

A. Uppar sawat and lower sawat

9. Malakand pass connects? 

A. Peshawar and chitral

10. Lowari pass connects?

A. Dir, Peshawar and chitral

11. Khyber pass connects? 

A. Kabul with Peshawar 

12. Dorah pass connects? 

A. Noristan (Afghanistan) with chitral

13. Dargai pass connects? 

A. Mardan and malakand

14. Bolan pass connects? 

A. Quetta with sibbi and Jecobabad or quetta with chaman or quetta with sindh plains


1. Length of pak iran border? 

A.909 km

2. Length Pak china border?

A. 523 km

3. Length of india border? 

A. 2912 km

4. Length of pak afghan border? 

A.2430 or 2252 km

5. HIT stands for? 

A. Heavy industries texila in rawalpindi 

6. Country with highest no of satellites?

A. America

7. Who made hazrat maaz governor of Yamen? 

A. Muhammad SAW

8. Miraath means? 

A. Riba free

9. Hazrat Asma relation with zubair RA?

A. Wife

10. Biggest lake of the world? 

A. Caspian sea

11. Highest mountain range of balochistan. 

A. Sulaiman range

12. Tribes of aus and khizraj were settled in?

A. Yamen

13. Longest lake of the world?

A. Tanganyika

14. Kashaf ul mahjab written by? 

A. Data ganj bakhsh

15. Title of syed ul ansari? 

A. Abu ayub amsari RA

16. Quaideazam residency is in? 

A. Ziarat

17. Ghazwa in which angel helped? 

A. Badr

18. Who is Sandiq Sanjrani?

A. Chairmen senate

19. 2nd PM of pakistan? 

A. Khwaja Nizamuddin 

20. Hazrat ismail is the son of? 

A. Hazrat Hajra

21. Hazrat ishaaq is the son of? 

A. Hazrat sarah 

22. Shortest river of the world? 

A. Roe river

23. Harappa is situated in? 

A. Sahiwal on river ravi

24. Relation of Umme Kulsoom RA and Muhammad PBUH? 

A. Daughter

25. Non cooperative movement during khilafat movement was started by? 

A. Gaandhi

26. Hazrst hamza RA was martyr in ?

A. Uhd

27. Toraah revealed on? 

A. Musa AS

28. Propher SAW migrated to madina in? 

A. 13 nabwi 622 

29. River jhelum and chenab meet on? 

A. Trimmu, muzafar garh

30. Largest fort of pakistan? 

A. Ranikot fort in thatha 

31. Data Ganj bakhsh tomb is in? 

A. Lahore

32. Qila bala hissar is in? 

A. Peshawar

33. Tarbela dam is in? 

A. Haripur, on river indus, KPK

34. Masjid e wazir is in? 

A. Lahore

35. Bait ul muqaddas is in? 

A. Masjid Aqsa jerushelum israel

36. Quran revelation duration? 

A. 23 years or 22 years 5 months 14 days

37. Leader of jung e yamama? 

A. Abu Bakar RA or khalid bin waleed

38. First battle of islam? 

A. Widan or abwa

39. Seperation of bangal in? 

A. 16 oct 1905 by lord curzon

40. Makkah conquered in?

A. 20 ramzan 8 hijri 630 AD

41. Where iss Moen jo daro?

A. On river indus Larkana

42. Height of K-2?

A. 8611 metre

43. The dividing discipline book written by?

A. Kalevi jaako holsti

44. The discipline dilemma book written by? 

A. Roman lewis

45. Pak won 1992 world cup under captaincy of? 

A. Imran khan

46. Acid of ant bite is called? 

A. Formic or carboxylic acid

47. Biggest lake of the world?

A. Caspian sea

48. Buggest fresh water lake of the world? 

A. Lake Mivhchigan huron or superior 

49. Deepest lake of the world? 

A. Baikal lake

50. Longest lake of rhe world? 

A. Lake Tanganyika 

51. 2nd caliph of Islam? 

A. Umar RA

52. Khojak pass connects Qila Abdullah with? 

A. Chaman afg

53. Jamrud pass connects Peshawar with? 


54. How many farz in tayammum? 

A.  3

55. Where is kalam valley? 

A. Swat

56. Biggest district of pakistan by population? 

A. Lahore

57. Biggest district of pakistan by area? 

A. Chaghi balochistan 

58. Biggest city of pakistan?

A. Karachi 

59. When did India become nuclear state? 

A. 11 may 1998

60. Hindi urdu controversy? 

A. 1867

61. World largest polar desert? 

A. Antartic

62. Khewra mine is in? 

A. Pind dadan khan Jhelum

63. Sulah Hudaibiya? 

A. 6 hijri 628 AD by Ali RA. Khalid Bin Waleed Accepted islam after it. 

64. Where is permanent secretariat of SARRC? 

A. Kathmandu Nepal

65. UN secretary general is appoint for? 

A. 10 years

66. Manchester of pakistan? 

A. Faisalabad

67. First muslims migrated towards?

A. Abbysinia

68. Sindh was take by british in? 

A. 1843

69. Lack now pact in? 

A. Dec 1916

70. Kharif crop? 

A. Rice, miaze, sorgum, cotton

71. Pakistan become republic in? 

A. 23 march 1956

72. China pak border formed in? 

A. 2 March 1963

73. Plants get nitrogen from? 

A. Soil

74. Pacific ocean and atlantic ocean joins at? 

A. Cape Horn or suez canal

75. Peak of Pakistan? 

A. K2

76. Who made Usman RA accept Islam? 

A. Abu bakar RA

77. Birthday of Muhammad SAW? 

A. 22 apr 571 AD

78. Muhammad means? 

A. Praised

79. Ghazwa e Khandaq date? 

A. Shawal 5 hijri 627 AD. (opposition leader abu sufyan. Muslims were 3000 and kuffar 10000. 2nd name ahzab

80. Ghazwa e Khyber date?

A. 7 hijri 629 AD

81. Who took government after Ayub khan?

A. Yahya khan

82. Who selects president? 

A. Senate, National and provincial assembly

83. Saiful malook lake is in? 

A. Naran kpk

84. Masjid e zarar built by? 

A. Amir al rahib

85. Kirhtar range is in? 

A. Sindh

86. Thal desert is in? 

A. Punjab

87. Highest hadees book? 

A. Sahi Bukhari

88. Oldest son of zaheer ud din babar? 

A. Humayun

89. 1st US president to visit pakistan? 

A. Dwight D Eisenhower

90. Area between two rivers? 

A. Doab

92. Who wrote Jinnah of Pakistan? 

A. Stanley Wolpert

93. Total ayat in Surat Bakarah? 

A. 286

94. Wuzu means? 

A. Islamic way of cleanliness 

95. Longest river of pakistan? 

A. Indus (3180km) 

96. Largest polar desert of the world? 

A. Antartic

97. Largest non polar desert of the world? 

A. Sahara

98. Who said kashmir is the cap of pakistan? 

A. Shaikh Abdullah or ch rehmat ali

99. Who made congress?

A. A OHume. 

100. Who made redcliff? 

A. Sir cyrill Redcliff

101. Karakoram starts from which city? 

A. Hasan abdal or Abbottabad 

102. Sulah Hudaibiya scribed by? 

A. Hazrar Ali RA in 6 hijri 628 AD

103. First president of muslim league? 

A. Sir agha Khan

104. Who found muslim league?

A. Nawab khwaja saleemullah in 1906

105. Hayat e jawaid is written by? 

A. Altaf hussain hali

106. Taif worshipped which idol? 

A. Uzza

107. Who nourished Muhammad SAW? 

A. Halima RA

109. When congress ministries start? 

A. 1937 to 1939

110. Title of Usman RA?

A. Jamiya al quran

111. How many tribes in madina? 

A. 2

112. How many tribes in quraish? 

A. 10

113. Daugher of usman and wife of prophet saw? 

A. Hafsha RA

114. How many tribes in saudia? 

A. 100

115. Construction of religious boundries book written by? 

A. Harjot Oberio

116. Cutting of hair during hajj is called? 

A. Halq or taqseer or tonsure or rami

117. 2020 kabaddi world cup won by. 

A. Pakistan 

118. Norowal is the district of? 

A. Punjab

119. Which pass connects DI Khan and Gomal zam dam? 

A. Gomal pass

120. Last wahi was revealed in? 

A. 18 zul hajj 10 hijri

121. Cell which has no nucleus? 

A. Prokaryotic

122. How many times pakistan won hockey world cup? 

A. Four times. 

123. Full name of Muhammad bin Qasim?

A. Muhammad bin qasim al thaqafi. 

124. Hazrat salma is the wife of? 

A. Muhammad SAW

125. Chora chori incident date? 

A. 5 fab 1922

126. Parda become compulsory in? 

A. 4 hijri 

127. 2nd name of ghazwa khandak is

A. Ahzab

128. Ghazwa khandak fought in? 

A. Shawal 5 hijri 627 CE. 

129. Kuffar leader in ghazwa khandak? 

A. Abu sufyan RA

130. How many muslims and kuffar were in ghazwa khandak? 

A. 3000 muslim and 10000 kuffar. 

131. Ghazwa e tabook in? 

A. 9 hijri 630 AD 30000 muslims fought against romans. 

132. Roza become farz in ?

A. 2 hijri 

133. Ghazwa khyber? 

A. 7 hijri against jews

134. Jang e yamama in? 

A. 11 hijri. Leader Abu Bakar RA or khalid bin waleed RA. 13000 muslims and 40000 kuffar. 70 hafiz shaheed

135. Ghazwa hunain in? 

A. 8 hijri

136. Zakat become farz in? 

A. 2 hijri 

137. Namaz e janaza become farz in? 

A. 2 hijri 

138. Ghazwa motta in? 

A. 8 hijri (first non arab war) 

139. Azan become compulsory in? 

A. 2 hijri

140. Hajj become farz in? 

A. 9 hijri

141. Sharab prohibited in? 

A. 6 hijri 

142. Interest prohibited in? 

A. 10 hijri

143. 2nd hijrat e habsha in? 

A. 7 nabwi

144. Tayamum become farz in? 

A. 4 hijri

145. Namaz become Farz in? 

A. 10 nabwi

146. 1st hijrat e habsha in? 

A. 5 nabwi

147. Zabur e ajam was written by? 

A. Allama Iqbal

148. Who did civil disobedience in 1930?

A. Gandhi and Abdul Ghaffar Khan in Peshawar 

149. Hamza baba is the poet of? 

A. Pashto

150. Which continent has only one country? 

A. Australia

151. Head Quarter of World Food Organization?

A. Rome Italy

152. NATO was signed in? 

A. 1949

153. First railway track was established in? 

A. Karachi and Kotli

154. Non permanent member or security council serves for? 

A. 2 years

155. Capital of Sweden? 

A. Stockholm 

156. Instrument used to measure altitude of sun? 

A. Sextant

157. Nobel price ceremony started from which year? 

A. 1901

158. If e>1, the it is equation of? 

A. Parabola

159. Age of Muhammad SAW during migration? 

A. 53 or 52 years

160. Jamrud fort is located near? 

A. Peshawar

161. 1962 constitution has what kind of government system? 

A. Presidential 

162. Muhammad SAW mentioned in Quran? 

A. 4 times

163. Nehru report published in? 

 A. 10 Aug 1928

164. Chief of Army staff in 1965?

A. General musa khan

165. Capital of Malaysia is? 

A. Kuala Lumpur 

166. Chief of army staff in 1971?

A. General Yahya khan

166. Capital of Indonesia? 

A. Jakarta

167. Chief of army staff in 1999?

A. General pervaiz musharraf

168. Capital of Zambia ?

A. Lusaka

169. Length of river Indus? 

A. 3180 KM

170. Capital of Hawai is? 

A. Honolulu

171. Capital of Holland is? 

A. Amsterdam 

172. Capital of Hong Kong is? 

A. City of Victoria

173. Capital of Honduras?

A. Tegucigapa

174. Capital of Haiti? 

A. Port au Prince or Cap Haiten

175. Capital of Hungary? 

A. Budapest

176. Capital of Holy See Is? 

A. Vatican City 

177. Montagu Chelmsford reform? 

A. May or june 1918

178. Quaideazam 14 points date? 

A. March 1929

179. Sharah of zakat on gold?

A. 87.48 gram or 7.5 tola

180. Age of prophet SAW in jang e juffar? 

A. 15 years

181. WTO head quarter is in? 

A. Geneva Switzerland 

182. Biggest river of asia is? 

A. Yangtze 

183. Victoria desert is in? 

A. Australia 

184. Capital of Mongolia is? 

A. Ulan batar

185. quaideazam left congress in? 

A. 1920

186. League of nations found on? 

A. 10 jan 1920 HQ in Geneva Switzerland 

187. Egypt was conquered by? 

A. Zulqarnain RA in era of umar RA

188. When did USSR destroy?

A. 26 dec 1991

189. Which country open fiest embassy in pakistan? 

A. Egypt

190. Pak china border signed in? 

A. 2 march 1963

191. How many farz in tayammum? 

A. 3 farz

192. Kalam valley is in? 

A. Sawat

193. Currency of vatican city? 

A. Euro

194. Babusar pass connects? 

A. Gilgit and abbatabad 

195. Mantissa of log is always?

A. In Decimal

196. Biggest railway station of pakistan is? 

A. Lahore

197. West pakistan was declared one unit in? 

A. 5 oct 1955 by Iskandar Mirza or 1954 by Ch Muhammad Ali

198. How many farz in hajj? 

A. 3

199. Line that intersect circle on one point is called? 

A. Tangent (two points is called secant) 

200. The only woman to climbed top 5 peak of the world is? 

A. Junko Ishibashi

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