Sanctioned Posts SIS || SIS Punjab Vacant Posts Check

Previous Transfer Procedure

Punjab School Education Department opens the transfer through SIS application. Previously, the transfer of teacher were made by manual method which causes the problem to the teacher. The teachers who deserve to be transferred cannot make their transfer possible because of the corruption and Bribe by the clerk's and other administrative authorities.

Current Transfer Process

When the Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf  (PTI) came into the government in the Federal, as well as in the Punjab they digitalize the every department along with the school education department. School Education Department introduced digital sis Punjab App which holds the data of all the teachers, students, administrative staff and classrooms.

The Punjab School Education Department takes initiative for online application of transfer through SIS APP, online retirement named as E Retirement, Online Leave and now the online filling of annual assessment of teachers called as ACR/PERs.

Sanctioned Posts in any school of Punjab

In this article, I will provide you the link through with every teacher can check the Vacant posts in any school of Punjab. SIS Punjab vacant posts, SIS Punjab GOV PK dashboard sanctioned, SIS Punjab, status, SEDHR Punjab, sanctioned posts meaning,, SIS Punjab Vacancies, SIS transfer Application form, SIS HRMS Sanctioned post, SIS Latest Version and application submission procedure for online transfer through SIS App.

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