School Education Department Announced E-Transfer Schedule for Govt Teachers in Punjab

Punjab school education department has decided to open the transfer for all categories from 14th of December 2021. The education minister of Punjab, Dr. Murad Ras has announced that the E- transfer 2021 and E- transfer 2022 will be open on 14 December 2021. He has advised to all the teachers of Punjab to correct their data on SIS application/HRMIS-SED/HRMS.

Transfer of All categories will be open at the same time. In a very important meeting, he repeated that transfer this time will be open for all categories, and he wished the best of luck to all the teacher so that they can transfer to their relevant school and relevant station in this regard. The education minister has advised the district education officer, chief executive officer education, the Drputy district education officer as well as assistant education officers, headmaster's and headmistress of all the school to correct the data of their staff on SIS application. In a very important conference held in Lahore, named as CEO conference Minister of school education department has discussed D trans transfer related problems, permanent orders of SSEs and new enrollment drive in school of all districts of Punjab. 


E-Transfer 2021

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Teachers Transfer General Rules 2021

Teachers E Transfer General Rules 2021

Mutual Transfer Rules

Wedlock Transfer Rules

Compassionate Grounds Rules

a. Disability

b. Divorce

c. Widow

Teacher Allocation Criteria (for Primary Section) 2021

Transfer can only be done if vacant posts are available.

When applying rules for outgoing teachers, a teacher’s designation (and subject, if any) will be considered. When applying rules for incoming teachers, the designation (and subject, if any) of the sanctioned post will be considered.

While applying, teachers will be required to give at least one preference. The system will consider all transfer options in the order of preference specified by teacher. Once a transfer is approved by the authority (in the system), the teacher will be bound to comply with the transfer. Any failure to do so will invoke a disciplinary action involving PEEDA Act.

For applicants who are BPS 16 and below all preferences of the application must belong to the same district.

Finalization of across district transfers will be subject to the available quota of the post.

Female PST/ESE can apply to any school; for others teachers, males can apply to male schools and females can only apply to female schools.

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