PPSC Lecturer General Knowledge Questions | PPSC Preparation 2022

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PPSC Lecturer Test Preparation 2022

Following questions have been discussed in this article.

 1. Which country has the most lakes in the world?

2. World oldest anthem among the following?

3. United States purchased Alaska from?

4. The headquarters of NASA is located in?

5. The term "Black Gold" is used to refer?

6. How many countries are members of United Nation?

7. The newest member of the United Nations is? 8. Who is the author of famous book "India wins Freedom"?

9. Who is the writer of famous book named "Long walk to freedom"?

10. The Borth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a alliance?

11. The headquarters of Transparency International is located in?

12. The Earth's land is divided in________ continents.

13. The Earth's Oceanic water is divided in________ oceans?

14. Virology is the term used to deal with the study of?

15. This system controls everything you do?

16. The famous book named "Hayat-e-Javed" by Altaf Hussain Hali was written on the life of?

17. Which of the given country have two official national anthems with equal status?

18. Which of the following branch of Zoology deals with the study of insects?

19. The European Union is a political and economic union headquarters are located in?

20. Beriberi is the disease caused by the deficiency of?

21. Which is the highest Plateau in the world?

22. When did the Cuban missile crisis take place? 23. First opium war was fought between?

24. The headquarters of IBM is located in?

25. Smog is a case of_______?

26. Plant growth depends on?

27. Which of the following is the oldest country in Europe founded in 301 AD?

28. Equator passes through which of the following country?

29. The Europe's highest railway station is located in which country?

30. Which of the following is the power house of the cell.

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Punjab Public Service Commission Test Patterns

PPSC Lecturer Test Preparation 2022

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